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Custom Maintenance Contract for each business!

We provide what every business needs. A service that will solve its IT problems, affordably and with incredible service experience.

No more simple repairs

No Firefighting, Prevention

In IT LAB, we believe there is an alternative to the Break/Fix model of our industry.

The troubleshooting flow when something malfunctions, losing time trying to repair it alone, then calling a technician, fix the specific, charging and leaving, is not working any more.

Instead of having downtime and high bills whenever something fails, wouldn't it be better to prevent it?

Personal Relationships

Personal Support

We always seek a relationship of trust with every business and we want everything to work smoothly and without problems.

We would know exactly your infrastructure and your needs. We act proactively with frequent maintenances, we recommend upgrades and there is always a technical agent available for you.

We are driving fast but safely your business to the digital age.

Personalized Maintenance Contract

Custom Contract

Every business is different, so are our contracts.

We flexibly customize our services, the work hours, the frequency of visits and service hours to always pay what you need. A personalized pay-as-you-go model.

And if at any point you need something urgent or more, we are always available, with clear pre-agreed charges, without hidden costs.

Do you need a solution?

For every IT need or idea you may have, we are here to discuss it! No matter how small or large is your business, we want to meet you.