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Commercial representation of Products and Services
IT LAB has long-standing cooperation agreements with international firms on local representation and customer service in Greece and Cyprus.

Distribution Sales

Our experienced sales managers have good market knowledge to create and organize teams to promote and develop your sales on the local market. We know every key account contacts of retail electronics and IT market, while having an up-to-date database of important VAD, partners and stores.

We think global, we act local.

Local Market Representation

An experience team successfully advising, adapting and executing your business plans in Greece & Cyprus is what will give you a quick intro to local market. We have all the metrics, statistics and financial data you need.

On top time we offer complete management and localisation of every content, from web sites, to instruction manuals and applications.

Marketing Plans

An all-in-one support, offering full marketing promotion management is also provided.

Some of our marketing action services consists of social media management, ads configuration and display, press releases as well as the organization of exhibitions, trainings and events.

Do you need a solution?

For every IT need or idea you may have, we are here to discuss it! No matter how small or large is your business, we want to meet you.